Insolvency is the general term used to describe the situation where an individual or business is no longer able to meet their financial obligations.

No longer able to pay debts? Liabilities outweigh assets?

Insolvency law is complex, and the longer you avoid facing insolvency the more difficult your situation may be. That is why it is essential to seek expert advice at the earliest opportunity. We provide advice and assistance to all parties that may be involved in insolvency proceedings, but mainly work with Directors, business owners and individuals.

The type of dispute often indicates how best to approach resolving it.

Insolvency for individuals

We can help individuals negotiate with creditors to reach a repayment plan on an informal basis or via an individual voluntary arrangement and advise individuals on bankruptcy and its implications. We can also assist with personal guarantees and the implications of non-payment.

Where interim and final charging orders form part of an enforcement action by creditors, we can advise on the implications of such actions and challenge where appropriate, keeping your best interests in mind at all times.

Insolvency for businesses

Our experienced insolvency lawyers work with businesses of all sizes in a wide range of sectors providing clear and concise advice on formal insolvency procedures.

Whether your business is facing a winding up petition, creditor pressure or just looking to restructure, we have the expertise to advise on the solution which best fits your business.

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