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Commercial litigation

Commercial litigation is a broad term that refers to the resolution of all manner of contentious corporate transactions and relationships through court action.

From breaches of contract to commercial debt recovery and shareholder disputes, if you require advice or representation in commercial litigation, Oakbridge Lawyers can help.

Dispute resolution

Legal disputes come in all shapes and sizes, and the law which applies to their resolution depends on the subject matter and also on the method of settlement.


Insolvency is the general term used to describe the situation where an individual or business is no longer able to meet their financial obligations, such as being able to pay debts or where liabilities outweigh assets.

Insolvency law is complex, and the longer you avoid facing insolvency the more difficult your situation may be.

Credit management

Unpaid debts can hold up your business, affect your cash flow, and create uncertainty for your staff and your shareholders.

They can also impact your own debt obligations which can harm your reputation. Therefore it’s critical for any business to ensure that your customers and suppliers transact with you on your terms.

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